Men’s Hive Group

The Flourish & Succeed community Men’s Hive group specifically aims to provide Early Intervention which will work towards the prevention of poor mental health and male suicide. Just over three out of four suicides (76%) are men, with suicide the biggest cause of death for men under 35.
Men have measurably lower access to the social support of friends, relatives and community.
Mental Health resulted in 72 million work days lost per year
70-75% of people with diagnosed with a mental health condition receive no treatment at all.


Fed Up Slow Cooker Course

Flourish & Succeed launched there winters coming Fed up slow cooker, cooking course with both of there community Men’s Hive groups on 25/10/2021 at the Craig’s community Centre Stockbridge V…

Betsw Y Coed

Flourish & Succeed community Men’s Hive support group volunteers. Went to Wales for there Walk and talk outdoor session . Completed 10 mile around the lovely Betsw Y Coed, visiting the water falls…

Hawkshead 16Km

Mental health wellbeing walk and talk for are Flourish & Succeed community Men’s Hive group 💚 16/10/21 the group went to the Lake District to Hawkshead and completed 16km , 24,456 steps. Ste…

Poly Tunnel Prep

Working together as a team the Flourish & succeed men’s hive Group have got this down to a T, brilliant to see these fellas support each other every week, well done to all the fellas you are amazi…

Sailing Around

And there off Flourish & Succeed Men’s Hive Group on there 7 days and nights sailing around the south coast of , Weymouth, Isle of Man , Poole , Yarmouth, with the Rona Sailing Project 👌🐝⛵️ Big th…

A Full House

Amazing session tonight with the Men’s Hive Group. We had a full house loads of energy welcomed back some old faces to the group. Massive thankyou to Shelley Traynor & Michael Fielding who p…

Southdene Lads Visit

Tonight’s Men’s Hive group was amazing. Had the lads from Southdene come down and see the everyone all together was brilliant. Shelley Traynor & Michael Fielding made spag bol from the…

Whats For Tea?

The atmosphere was absolutely buzzing today with the Flourish and Succeed Men’s Hive Group🐝 Great to see we have a new member and was made very welcome, the peer support was outstanding. The fellas to…

What A Night!

What a night!!! Massive thankyou to all the 15 Men that attended the Men’s Hive group. It was an amazing atmosphere. A new face and some old faces which is always brilliant to see!!! Also well d…

Wirral Peninsula

Sunday 15th August and a few of the fellas from the Flourish & Succeed Men’s Hive Group had their walk and talk along the Wirral Peninsula with a mid point stop off at the green hut for a fr…

Strength To Strength

Week by week Flourish and Succeed Men’s Hive Group🐝🐝 have been growing from strength to strength, there determination and willingness is certainly amazing to see for there own personal well-being and …

5 Ways To Well-Being

Fantastic session with the Men’s Hive Group. Tonight we focused on one of the 5 ways to well-being learning. Delivered by Becca Louise massive thankyou from all the lads they have really enjoyed…


Have a read about some of our Success Stories and how we have helped people overcome their mental health issues while getting fit at the same time.


Its a great group, very felaxed and I cant wait to get back to it. The group is feeling more confident and I feel that I can talk without being judged.

I’ve found a sense of purpose and though facilitating the Mens Zoom meetings I have been able to provide a form of connection whilst separated due to the current global situation.

I’ve made friends with people whom I would normally not have the opportunity to meet.

I have learned that I am a valuble person with the ability to contribute to societ in a way that I could have not previously imagined.

I’ve learned that no matter what anyone looks like, sounds like, dresses like, acts like to go beyond first impressiosn and realise that I have the wonderful opportunity to make a connection and friendship if I am willing to let go of my judgemental streak.

The hive is a great place. I know it helps me in away that I’m not alone in sometimes a horrible world. The hive is like a big safety net. Look at the amazing weekend I had and the Hive was a big part of it. I thank you all.

The hive gives me a sense of understanding and belonging help me understand my feelings and helping others with theirs whilst belonging to a group of men who will listen and help eachother out.

The hive to meis a safe place where I can talk about m e feelings no matter how good or bad they are and not be judged.

Tosh your mate Mick has got me a start working so I owe you one mate thank you very much F

Flourish&succeed men’s hive group

Michael I just wanted to message you and thank you for helping me make my Mum and Dad proud and for setting me up for life while I’m so young.  You don’t understand how much I appreciate it mate thank you very much!