Men’s Hive Group

The Flourish & Succeed community Men’s Hive group specifically aims to provide Early Intervention which will work towards the prevention of poor mental health and male suicide. Just over three out of four suicides (76%) are men, with suicide the biggest cause of death for men under 35.
Men have measurably lower access to the social support of friends, relatives and community.
Mental Health resulted in 72 million work days lost per year
70-75% of people with diagnosed with a mental health condition receive no treatment at all.


A Beautiful Day To Grow

Beautiful day for Flourish and Succeed Men’s Hive Group🐝 amazing to see the men’s personal development coming along, it absolutely brilliant what these men are achieving in life. Today the fellas have…

Horticulture Course

The sun was certainly cracking the flags today and the Flourish and Succeed Men’s Hive Group🐝 have been enjoying every moment of it, in the morning lots of watering to be done and also planting lettuc…

Face 2 Face Session

Nice end to the bank holiday weekend. The fellas from Flourish & Succeed Men’s Hive Group met again for their 3rd week of face to face @ the Craig’s Community centre …. Brilliant get together toda…

Yarrow Valley Country Park

Saturday 22nd May and the fellas from the Flourish and Succeed Men’s Hive Group had their walk and talk at Yarrow Valley Country park in Chorley. 5k completed approx over 7.7 thousand steps in beautif…

Lockdown Easing

Monday 17th May… a day of change as lockdown eases further for the country and more so for the Flourish & Succeed Men’s Hive Group. This allowed for the reintroduction of face2face in our new home…

Sutton Manor Park

The fellas from the Flourish & Succeed Men’s Hive Group have completed their walk and talk around Sutton Manor Park and the Dream. Well done to all that took part, nearly 9,000 step each with 9 in…

Court Hay Park Project Update

The Flourish & Succeed community Men’s Hive group attended their Incredible Edibles outdoor mental health & wellbeing community project, at court Hey park. Today the Men worked on getting the …

Moel Famau 2021

A trip to Moel Famau today for the Flourish and Succeed Men’s Hive Group and all the 5’s with 5.55k completed, nearly 10,000. The sun was shining, and the atmosphere was brilliant lots of chit chat an…

Moel Fanau Preparation

Saturday 3rd April …. brilliant being out in the sunshine today for the fellas and volunteers from the Flourish&succeed Men’s Hive Group. Very relaxing walk and talk with just under 7k completed o…


Are Flourish&succeed community Men’s volunteer’s project. Enjoyed their first walk and talk coming out of lockdown going to Kettlewell in North Yorkshire. The group completed 12 miles on the low-l…

New Brighton To The Green Hut

Well spring was definitely in the air and although a Misty start the fellas from the Flourish&succeed Men’s Hive Group enjoyed a great walk and talk from New Brighton to the green hut and ba…

CMX Zoon Session

The Flourish&succeed community Men’s Hive group have Started there online Zoom 4 weeks course with CMX fitness with coach Criag! Tonight’s first session was on nutrition, healthy eating, goal sett…


Have a read about some of our Success Stories and how we have helped people overcome their mental health issues while getting fit at the same time.


Its a great group, very felaxed and I cant wait to get back to it. The group is feeling more confident and I feel that I can talk without being judged.

I’ve found a sense of purpose and though facilitating the Mens Zoom meetings I have been able to provide a form of connection whilst separated due to the current global situation.

I’ve made friends with people whom I would normally not have the opportunity to meet.

I have learned that I am a valuble person with the ability to contribute to societ in a way that I could have not previously imagined.

I’ve learned that no matter what anyone looks like, sounds like, dresses like, acts like to go beyond first impressiosn and realise that I have the wonderful opportunity to make a connection and friendship if I am willing to let go of my judgemental streak.

The hive is a great place. I know it helps me in away that I’m not alone in sometimes a horrible world. The hive is like a big safety net. Look at the amazing weekend I had and the Hive was a big part of it. I thank you all.

The hive gives me a sense of understanding and belonging help me understand my feelings and helping others with theirs whilst belonging to a group of men who will listen and help eachother out.

The hive to meis a safe place where I can talk about m e feelings no matter how good or bad they are and not be judged.

Tosh your mate Mick has got me a start working so I owe you one mate thank you very much F

Flourish&succeed men’s hive group

Michael I just wanted to message you and thank you for helping me make my Mum and Dad proud and for setting me up for life while I’m so young.  You don’t understand how much I appreciate it mate thank you very much!