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Merseyside’s Fastest Growing Mental Health Program


Flourish & Succeed CIC working in partnership with the Buffalo Mindset

Positive Adventure specialises in providing bespoke outdoor walks to those looking for adventure. Through our years of experience and knowledge of outdoor travel; we offer the opportunity to go to the most amazing places and take part in are walks and talks Mental Health and wellbeing fitness projects.

Flourish & Succeed CIC

Our Outdoor Adventures focus on getting you away from the stress of day to day life; using the great outdoors to provide a positive experience. They provide an exhilarating outdoor experience for all who take part with the focus on improving physical and mental well-being. For Men + women and families.

Walks And Talks

A good walk can do wonders for your physical and mental well-being. Being active has a whole range of benefits when it comes to your health. It improves self-perception and self-esteem, mood and sleep quality; and reduces stress, anxiety and fatigue. In recent times, there has never been a bigger need to invest in well-being and get people outdoors, together.

Peer Support Groups

Peer support is about people with similar experiences, coming together to help and inspire each other.

There are different types of peer support, but they all aim to:

  • Bring together people With shared experiences to support each other.
  • Provides a space where you feel accepted and understood.
  • Treat everyone’s experiences as being equally important.


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Have a read about some of our Success Stories and how we have helped people overcome their mental health issues while getting fit at the same time.







Flourish & succeed has got me to the place I am today Happy from going from 3 years ago I could hardly walk out the door without having a panic attack, I have my bad days we all do but changing my mindset and learning about mental health and coping strategies has changed my life I am so grateful to Michael Fielding and proud of what you have achieved with flourish & succeed 🐃🛡❤ 3 years ago I was in a bad place and now I’m in college doing mental health and counselling to help other people.

Thank you SO SO much to those who have donated to Knowsley Foodbank this week! We would love to give a special shout out to Flourish and Succeed and to Stockbridge Community Group for your donations. We are so blessed to be part of such a caring and compassionate community- together we will ensure that no one in Knowsley goes hungry 💚 put this with the big help food club post mate 👌

Shelley / Leanne / Lisa . I’ve Just dropped of the Christmas food vouchers to the families, very happy people and absolutely could not say thank you enough the Flourish & Succeed xx❤️❤️

It was loverly to meet you too really enjoyed our conversation I learnt a bit from you today keep up the great work always here for a chat xxx

Lauryn Newton

Hey Tosh…Thank you so much for your kind donation… It means so much to us… It will be put to good use..
We haven’t stopped we could have closed the centre and gone on lockdown but that’s not we are about … We take this bull by the horns….
We are delivering to 130 needy and vulnerable residents some in your Road too… U will b proud to know our own are our priority… . If there’s any up your street Tosh who u think we need to go to let me know please…Big thanks to flourish and succeed for supporting the underdogs the fighters in the community. We wish you an your organisation get back out there and flourish.. Stay safe.

Hillside Neighbourhood Centre L36

Tosh thanks for all your support. I’m doing great. I just started a new job in a children’s home!! Millions miles away from when you met me in my storm and I want to say thank you for listening, advising and directing me out of my storm. Couldn’t have done it without the buffalo mindset thank you. Flourish and succeed Tina x


2 years ago I was obese and lost. I’d tried every diet possible to no avail. I turned to Tosh for help. We only had one session of PT but that was the session that kicked off the whole weight loss for me. Most PTs just work on the diet and exercise, but Tosh never did any of that. He started with my mind and really dug deep to finding the source of the problem so it could be fixed instead of masking it with a load of food info and exercises, even though he killed me with the exercise too! He taught me that you cant keep continuing to run away from the source of the problem. You will only get tired from running. Face it head on like a buffalo to the storm and you will get past the problem before you run out of energy to deal with it! Now I’m at my  peak of fitness and its only going to get better. I no longer run from my problems but face them head on! If you are from Liverpool and struggling I would hand on heart recommend Tosh to help you though it! 2 years ago, 1 session and I have never looked back!


I climbed (crawled) Ingleborough middle hardest 3 peaks Yorkshire mountain. I didn’t think it would be so physical as I am petrified of heights and having to physically rock climb right next to massive drops and cliff hangings I told them to ring the mountain police and helicopters to come an get me when I was at the top as my legs didn’t feel like they could work with fear of slipping and falling of the drops!! But I did it and I am made up!!!! It’s made me want to really try an push myself an do more things that challenge me (traumatize me ha). It was a boss day and we smashed it! Thanks Flourish & Succeed family x

Sarah - Louise

If someone told me 8 months ago that I would be where I am today, I’d never have believed them! Today my mind is much healthier, I have a focus and I am capable of doing so much more than I ever thought I could. Yesterday, Sunday 3rd November 2019 I climbed Ingleborough mountain in North Yorkshire! I had my struggles but I faced them head on and made it to the top and down again safely. I had so much fun and I couldn’t have done it without my Flourish & Succeed family around me and my best friend Leanne Jones pushing me and supporting me all the way! Never give up! We can do anything together! Michael Fielding thank you!


Tosh, thank you sooo much for never giving up on my and always believing in me. It’s been a long 2 and a half years but I am finally getting where I need to be and the person who I should have been a long time ago is coming out now. Being surrounded by great people and all the Flourish & Succeed girls has helped me so much and I have a lot to thank them for as well as you. I am finally excited for my future and seeing what it holds and I finally know that being alive and being happy is the best thing on earth!!! Onwards and upwards now. Couldn’t have done it without you walking with me


Flourish and succeed thank you all! The help I’ve had from everyone from day one has been amazing and I feel so lucky to have come across flourish and succeed. Considering how I was feeling at the time I joined, I’ve been able to grow so much in such a short space of time with all the support I’ve been given. I don’t think anyone has taught me as much as you all have and I now have the ability to do the things I’m fearful of. I’ve conquered some of them already because of that encouragement, running into storms with the buffalo mindset…. I totally get it now xx


I still can’t thank you enough for everything as you helped me through one of the darkest and hardest times of my life. I’m now better than ever and my career is going great. I’m happy, smiling and finally making choices for myself and nobody else! My shield is well and truly stronger than ever xx flourish and succeed.


Since doing the buffalo mindset session I’ve learned a lot from it. I’m working on myself by myself and for myself. It even give me courage to enrol in college an go on my own on my first day. Thank you so much!


3 years ago this week I walked into your class just before my 18th Birthday and never thought I’d be where I am today. Thank you for everything Tosh. You have helped me get to this place where I have the most amazing people around me. I am loving Uni, my job and I’m getting asked to talk about my journey and how I’ve gotten to this point.
I just wanted you to know that I wouldn’t be here without you! Thank you xxx


For anyone who feels they haven’t got hope anymore or are feeling down I have a message for you. 2 years ago I was in a ditch. I didn’t know how to cope anymore and I couldn’t see a way out due to feelings of anxiety and panic attacks. I started doing buffalo mindset training with Flourish & Succeed which completely changed life. I have gone though a lot and learnt loads about myself. I am now back in college studying mental health, counselling and family coaching so that I can go out there and help others.

I am now one of the Directors of Flourish & Succeed so having my own business card is a massive achievement for me! I am so proud of how far I have come in these past 2 years. I have to work on myself every day so just remember to never give up as we all have our own paths in life!


The Flourish & Succeed group has empowered me and given me motivation to remain positive. I feel part of a community here. Tosh evidences a commitment to supporting all the women here. He goes above and beyond, is passionate and has a strong desire to make a difference.


The Flourish & Succeed class is helping me build my fitness in a comfortable and no judgemental group. The support everyone offers each other is empowering and this is driven by Tosh. The effects it has had on my mental health is the most noticeable. I am lucky enough to be able to include my children on the Baby Buffalo courses which allows us to spend time as family in a positive way.


My gym, my happy place. Plus Tosh is bonkers!


I enjoy coming to the Flourish & Succeed classes because we all have amazing days out and I am always making new friends. Tosh is always there for me if I ever need to talk.


Love the Flourish & Succeed classes. Tosh always puts us through our paces but supports us on our journey too. The girls are all welcoming and supportive no matter what your age and fitness level.


I came to the class on a friends recommendation and loved them! What struck me most was the friendliness and support from the other girls and Tosh.


The Flourish & Succeed class has helped me from going into a very big depression. I put on a lot of weight and felt very alone. Now with the help of Tosh and all of the class I am climbing mountains and feel alive again.


Flourish & Succeed has helped me mentally and physically to enjoy life and try to stay positive.


Really enjoy the Flourish & Succeed and Buffalo Mindset. This has helped me come so far and overcome things outdoors I have never thought I would. Brilliant community spirit.


Tosh’s classes give me a much needed kick up the backside which i’m not getting from the gym or other classes.

U. Wade

I enjoy these classes as they keep me motivated and interacting with other women. It also helps with my mental wellbeing.

K. Challis

I enjoy coming to the classes and walks as it is important for my mental health and wellbeing. The support I receive from the women has given me the confidence and strength to face the world again. Tosh is an amazing person. He puts all his time and energy into everything he does. He is a positive and inspiring person to be around. Thank you Tosh!