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October 2020

Sefton Park Walk

    Flourish&succeed community Men’s Hive group volunteers Lisa , Tommy and Jayne arranged a walk and talk session for the Hive group meeting up in Sefton park , social distancing was Adhered to at all times . Everyone had a fantastic… Sefton Park Walk

    Under 18s Girls Fitness

      The Flourish&succeed community Under 18s girls fitness activities , was a great success. Director Leanne jones and are Flourish&succeed volunteer families coach supported the girls through there paces in the workouts they put on. To support girls with there mental… Under 18s Girls Fitness

      New Womens Support Group

        The Flourish&succeed opened up its doors to are New women’s support group in the community pavilion pool Hey Stockbridge Village. The group was set up by are Flourish&succeed Directors Leanne & shelley to help and support women with anxiety, depression,… New Womens Support Group