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September 2021

4500 Feet

    The Flourish & Succeed community Volunteers group .. All in all we climbed 4,500 feet, soaked wet through, great company for there walk and talk outdoors mental health wellbeing session. Pillar mountain was the groups challenge.. and it didn’t disappoint,… 4500 Feet

    Crosby Beach

      Flourish & Succeed women’s support went to Crosby beach for there outdoor wellbeing session, they collected Sea glass on the beach , and brought it back to do there own Art craft session Today, making , sea glass, bracelets ,… Crosby Beach

      Staveley Walk

        The Flourish & Succeed community Men’s volunteers group, had there walk and talk outdoors session going to Staveley in the Lake District, completing 14km (18,457 steps). A great day was had by all , fantastic atmosphere, fantastic Turnout, fantastic company,… Staveley Walk

        Jamming Sessions

          The Flourish & Succeed lunches it’s mental health wellbeing music Jamming sessions, at the Craig’s community Centre Stockbridge Village L28. Mental health through music 🎶 1.00pm to 3.00pm every Friday. We are looking for Bedroom musicians, singers, base players, theses… Jamming Sessions

          Sailing Around

            And there off Flourish & Succeed Men’s Hive Group on there 7 days and nights sailing around the south coast of , Weymouth, Isle of Man , Poole , Yarmouth, with the Rona Sailing Project 👌🐝⛵️ Big thank you to… Sailing Around

            Suicide Prevention Day

              Suicide Prevention Day 10/09/2021 .. Flourish & Succeed launched its Free New Transformation Music project jam sessions, at the Craig’s community centre Stockbridge Village L28 . These jamming music sessions will on every Fridays 1pm to 3pm . We are… Suicide Prevention Day

              A Full House

                Amazing session tonight with the Men’s Hive Group. We had a full house loads of energy welcomed back some old faces to the group. Massive thankyou to Shelley Traynor & Michael Fielding who prepared some chicken & barley soup all… A Full House