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November 2021

Festive Allotment

    It is a season to be jolly and the Flourish & Succeed Men’s Hive group, were certainly in a festive mood today at the allotment putting up the Christmas decorations for Saturdays community Christmas Event and Grotto 🎅🏻Well done to… Festive Allotment

    Windy Langdale

      Mental health wellbeing volunteers support group , went to LANGDALE in the Lake District, for there 5 ways to wellbeing walk and talk session. 12km was completed and this was a low grade walk because of the Strong gale force… Windy Langdale

      A Lot Of Determination

        Absolutely brilliant day at the allotment with the Flourish & Succeed men’s hive group🐝🐝These fellas show up every week with amazing determination and the support they give each other is fantastic🐝So very proud of everyone of you Jane volunteer project… A Lot Of Determination

        Good Turnout

          15 turnout in tonight’s Stockbridge Village community Men’s Hive peer support group on there 5 ways to wellbeing course at Craig’s community Centre L28 💚🐝. Be active, connect, always learning, take notice, give! Mental health wellbeing, suicide prevention, anxiety relief,… Good Turnout

          Macho Magic Minds

            Thanks to Sarah-Louise Gustafson for delivering here Macho Magic Minds mentoring course for our New Flourish and Succeed Men’s Hive Group SouthDene community Centre Broad Lane tonight! Well done to all the Fellas who attended theses sessions 💚🐝💚 Stephen O’Brien… Macho Magic Minds

            Tesco’s Christmas Market Weekend

              Saturday & Sunday are Flourish & Succeed Teenagers mentoring project young entrepreneurs Ruby , Millie and Harriet . Had stalls on Tesco’s Christmas market weekend. Thank you to Donna at Tesco’s who organised this community Event, supporting small businesses. It’s… Tesco’s Christmas Market Weekend

              Hollywood Bowling

                Brilliant day with the Flourish and Succeed community Men’s Hive wellness Wednesday Group today. They organised a game of ten pin bowling going to Hollywood bowling in St Helens , great laugh the best medicine just what we all needed… Hollywood Bowling

                Above And Beyond

                  The inspiration in life the flourish & Succeed Men’s Hive group, is absolutely amazing, they go above and beyond when it come to supporting each other, fantastic to see another new member🐝Working hard today at the allotment and team work… Above And Beyond

                  Hilbre Island

                    Flourish and Succeed CIC Community Mens Hive support groups, Stockbridge Village and Kirkby 🐝 had there walk and talk Sunday session going to west Kirkby, Hilbre Island. Stephen O’Brien said it was a great day and the guided tour was… Hilbre Island

                    Mindset Fitness

                      Flourish & Succeed teenagers mentoring project sessions going from strength to strength, November’s projects is all about Mindset fitness, improving mental health wellbeing, self esteem, self confidence. Theses classes are on every Saturday 12pm to 1pm , Pool hay community… Mindset Fitness

                      Llangollen Trip

                        Flourish & Succeed community women’s and Men’s peer support groups come together for there mental health wellbeing walk and talk outdoors session. Both groups went to Llangollen in north Wales and completed there Buffalo positive Mindset challenge, 27,567 steps over… Llangollen Trip

                        Fantastic Talk At Allotment

                          Absolutely fantastic talk today at the allotment with the flourish & Succeed Men’s Hive group, it’s good to talk and of course fantastic team work with the fellas who worked brilliant today. So very proud of you all well done… Fantastic Talk At Allotment

                          Macho Magic Mind Course

                            Macho Magic Mind course. Flourish & Succeed community Men’s hive group, broad Lane Kirkby. Have started there 4 weeks course with Sarah from A.ur. Tistic.