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March 2023

A Fantastic Night Of Entertainment

    Flourish & Succeed celebration event. A fantastic night of entertainment from all our community support groups, the brink parr street, live music, poetry and powerful storytelling.

    March Formby Visit

      Men’s wellness Wednesday groups , going to Formby for their walk and talk 5 ways to wellbeing outdoors activity. 💚

      Weekly Recap March 13th 2023

        Flourish & Succeed community support groups week March 13th. Men’s groups dance lessons, allotment project, children football, women’s support groups, Yoga classes and parent & child group.

        Cluckingham Palace Episode 1

          Flourish and Succeed and Incredible Edibles partnership working together! Pavlos dogs has nothing on our very own Colonel Rooster ❤️ Meet Col Rooster the man behind the chickens 🐔 at Cluckingham Palace courtesy of Sterling Services (Northern) at Court Hey,… Cluckingham Palace Episode 1

          Dark Matter Mystery Museum

            Men’s wellness Wednesday 5 ways to wellbeing groups went to Dark matter mystery museum today for there educational 5 ways to wellbeing activities 💚

            Blue Sky At The Allotment

              Tuesday & Fridays Men Allotment project at court Hey park, 10am to 12pm. Today the Men enjoying the spring fresh air and blue sky. Contact 0151 245-6111 to enquire. Mental health wellness, 5 ways to wellbeing, peer support groups.

              Quiz Night March 2023

                Mondays Men’s peer support groups Quiz Night at Craig’s community centre Stockbridge Village 💛💛