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January 2020

Fairy Glen

    Directors Shelley and Michael went to Fairy Glen woodlands to do a Recce for the Flourish & Succeed family baby buffalos programs coming soon in 2020: Outdoors, nature , meditation, mindfulness, well being, family quality time together.

    Mental Health First Aid

      Michael Fielding attend the Adult MHFA two Day course and is now a Mental Health First Aider. The course teaches in depth skills for providing first aid to people who may be experiencing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety… Mental Health First Aid

      Liverpool Echo Article

        Leanne and Shelley got a mention in the Liverpool echo (scroll about 1/4 of the way down).

        Snowdon Training

          Callum and Danny – 2 of the Flourish & Succeed volunteers climbed mount Snowdon today, getting their miles in for our charity challenge on May 9th 2020 when we will be climbing the 3 Yorkshire peaks. Today they went up… Snowdon Training

          Coastal Walk

            Tommy from The Flourish & Succeed community Men’s hive group organised a coastal walk to Crosby beach. Everyone had a great long walk and good talk: Mental health awareness and suicide prevention.


              Flourish & Succeed Director Leann and Stephen climbing Snowdon.  Training for the women’s and men’s charity challenge climbing the Yorkshire 3 peaks on May 9th 2020 – leading by example

              Route Mapping

                Penyghent to Whernside (8 miles) 18/01/2020 mapping routes for the women’s Flourish & Succeed Charity challenge on May 9th 2020. Climbing and walking . Thanks to our 3 volunteers, Simon, Richard and Mike.

                First Class Of 2020

                  The women’s Flourish & Succeed first class of 2020. Back in the new Community Pavilion in Stockbridge Village. Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7.15pm to 8.15pm. Mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

                  Charity Challenge Training

                    Leann, Katie, Lauren and Lesley completed there Buffalo positive mindset fitness course today. 11km running and walking, outdoors, getting there Mindset and fitness ready for the 3 Yorkshire peaks challenge on May 9th 2020

                    Know Me More

                      Tonight’s ice breaker was “Know Me More “. Great conversations was had by all the Men who attended:  Suicide prevention, mindfulness, mental health awareness, well being, Goal setting and actions.