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October 2021

Lake District 12km

    Flourish & Succeed community volunteers support group had there walk and talk outdoor session going from the Cross Keys temperance inn up to Cautley spout and down via Winder to Sedbergh in the Lake District. 12km completed, 18,798 steps and… Lake District 12km

    New Member At Allotment

      What a fantastic group of fellas and team work is the dream work when it comes to the flourish & succeed mens hive group🐝Absolutely brilliant time at the allotment today and a new member, which is always great to see,… New Member At Allotment

      Fed Up Slow Cooker Course

        Flourish & Succeed launched there winters coming Fed up slow cooker, cooking course with both of there community Men’s Hive groups on 25/10/2021 at the Craig’s community Centre Stockbridge Village. The course was delivered by Chef Adam Franklin. 🐝🐝  

        Betsw Y Coed

          Flourish & Succeed community Men’s Hive support group volunteers. Went to Wales for there Walk and talk outdoor session . Completed 10 mile around the lovely Betsw Y Coed, visiting the water falls at swallow falls. There was all so… Betsw Y Coed

          FourHousing Funding

            Flourish & Succeed community Jam mental health wellbeing Through music group 💚 received Funding of Fourhousing group Stockbridge Village, to help with a New sound system for there jam sessions at the Craig’s community Centre Stockbridge Village L28 . We… FourHousing Funding

            Come Box With Us

              Flourish & Succeed women’s mental health wellbeing boxing fitness projects classes. Tuesday & Thursday 7.15pm to 8.15pm . Stockbridge Village community pavilion pool Hay L28 4ER.  

              Hawkshead 16Km

                Mental health wellbeing walk and talk for are Flourish & Succeed community Men’s Hive group 💚 16/10/21 the group went to the Lake District to Hawkshead and completed 16km , 24,456 steps. Ste said nothing better begin outside in nature… Hawkshead 16Km

                85Km For Patrick

                  Flourish & Succeed community Men’s and women’s support groups, completed the 85KM walk and talk (53 miles ) , in memory of Patrick Woosey, who died by suicide, the Flourish & Succeed were supporting Patrick’s mum Maxine and here husband… 85Km For Patrick

                  In Memory Of Patrick Woosey

                    Maxine Murphy…. This year in memory of my 17 year old son Patrick Woosey, my husband Paul and I have chosen the Flourish & Succeed Teenager Group (CIC) which is on every Saturday morning 12pm to 1.00pm, who actively work… In Memory Of Patrick Woosey

                    Women’s Group 1 Year Old

                      1 year ago today we started Flourish & Succeed women’s group every Thursday! What a year it has been I am so proud of how far we have come and our achievements! Thankyou to everyone who supports us! Roll on… Women’s Group 1 Year Old

                      Poly Tunnel Prep

                        Working together as a team the Flourish & succeed men’s hive Group have got this down to a T, brilliant to see these fellas support each other every week, well done to all the fellas you are amazing Today the… Poly Tunnel Prep

                        Lake District National Park

                          The Flourish & Succeed women’s support group went to Lake District national park , for there outdoor walk and talk mental health wellbeing session. The ladies 18km walk and 30,000 steps was completed, 6 of the group done there first… Lake District National Park

                          Art Therapy Workshop

                            Flourish & Succeed Teenagers mentoring Art therapy workshop as Lo Tierney doing some sessions for all of October, today session Abstract Art , all the children had a positive experience doing some wonderful art works .

                            Neil Abbot Visit

                              Women’s Flourish & Succeed mental health wellbeing boxing fitness projects class.. Had Neil Abbot come in from Spain 🇪🇸 to teach the class a touch your inner space Breath workout session. 48 women attended the breath workout and the feedback… Neil Abbot Visit