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BE POSITIVE – 8am start to work on the mind, heart and lungs. After a couple of gigs last night it was an 8am outdoor workout this morning for 90 minutes with Michael Fielding in Canny Farm woods . Just working on some fitness and more importantly working on plenty of mental positivity. These Buffalo Mindset courses he does are for anyone who wants get there mind & body in a better healthier place or make a change in there lives for the better. Not just about getting physically fit but a session to talk , throw punches, workout in the fresh air and tackle life with positivity. So if your a bit fed up, in a rut, wanna make some changes to your lifestyle or simply like me wanna get up, get outside in the lovely fresh air, get fitter and stronger both mentally and physically then get in touch with Tosh. Life can be hard in many different ways , we all have our struggles and things we want to make better, things we wanna change, things we wish were different or just to start the day on a real high.