Court Hay Park Project Update

The Flourish & Succeed community Men’s Hive group attended their Incredible Edibles outdoor mental health & wellbeing community project, at court Hey park. Today the Men worked on getting the flower beds ready for planting the seeds to go in next week. Jayne the Flourish & Succeed project volunteer leader said it was great to see the group working together as a Team and doing brilliant.

The Flourish & Succeed community Men’s Hive group Mental Health and wellbeing project at Incredible Edibles court hay park, the Men’s Hive group are attended every Tuesday working on planting their vegetable seeds Today, Patrick said it has been great to be a part of the Hive group everyone has made me feel welcome and the support the group gives each other is fantastic.

The Flourish & Succeed community Men’s Hive group attending the allotment outdoor project at court Hay park and signed up for the L1 horticulture course.

The fellas have certainly been busy today from the Flourish & Succeed Men’s Hive group at Incredible Edible Knowsley. The men have started their Horticulture course and there first Assessment was to maintain wooden structures with water-based preservative. Absolutely brilliant to all the men on completing their first unit. You have all worked amazing on your assessment today 🐝Would like to say an excessively big thank you to Incredible Edible, social distancing always adhered to.

Nothing better but to start the morning with a cuppa and then the Flourish and Succeed Men’s Hive Group are off to the poly tunnel to start the repotting of lettuces, whilst the rest of the fellas have been preparing land for a new poly tunnel to go up.

In the afternoon, the fellas are on the Horticulture course, which today was sowing seeds indoors containers.

Now the men’s have completed the first City & Guilds in Horticulture, absolutely fantastic and what a great achievement, well done 👌🐝

Mental Health Awareness Month and the Flourish and Succeed Men’s Hive Group🐝 turn up every week with great determination. It’s amazing to see there personally development and how far the fellas have come in life. The men today have been planting tomatoes, wild garlic and also taking out leeks which are ready to eat. Brilliant team work, well done to all the men, you are absolutely amazing 🐝 A great big thank you to Incredible Edibles 🌻 Social distancing adhered to at all time — Jayne project team volunteer lead

Thank you so much to Incredible Edibles Knowsley 🌻

Social distancing always adhered to.

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