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Maritime Museum

The Flourish & Succeed Wednesday Men’s Group again had an educational and recreational day on 15th June 2022.
Firstly, we had our guided tour around the Maritime Museum where we were researching for our ongoing Globe project.
Very informative tour all be it so sad to see.
From there, the recreational side was a stroll through the dunes at Formby.
However on reaching our destination this also turned into an educational trip where we discussed many topics, including , the biodiversity of the Formby Coastline , turbines , gas platforms , car ferries , Lake District and Wales ( which we could see from our vantage point )
Today’s Motto.
Everyday is a School Day.
Drove home with the lads smiling and hoping they had some after sun at home.
Great day.
Tom Kelly🌎💚🏖☀️🙌