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Tosh’s Charity Challenge

    May the 9th 2020 , was supposed to be the Flourish & succeed Buffalo positive mindset, 4th Charity challenge climbing the Yorkshire 3 peaks totaling a distance of 25 miles. It was cancelled because of the CV19 pandemic. So keeping to social distancing, our CEO Tosh set out at 7.00am on Saturday May 9th, on his own charity challenge and try to raise some funds for the Flourish&succeed + the community Men’s Hive group and walk 25 miles . We are pleased to say he completed his own Buffalo positive mindset challenge completing walk and running 25 miles on the hottest day of the year just under 8 hours of his target and raised £800 in the process. £200 out of this was donated to the NHS charity, thanks our director Leann Jones, who supported tosh on social media platforms with the donations for this charity challenge. Buffalomindsetjourney