Helvellyn Charity Challenge

The Flourish & Succeed community volunteers came Together for Tosh final charity challenge climbing Helvellyn mountain in the Lake District Sunday 13th June 2021 . 6.30am the volunteers came out in Force and made there way to Glenridding, to climb Helvellyn which stand at 950 meters. Everyone one of them went over the Top of Striding Edge Ridge which is know mean feat to complete. happy to say everyone up , down and over top came back safely. The final Total of The 3 charity challenges was £2,300 . So both charity’s will receive £1,150 Each . Clair House children’s hospice, and Flourish & Succeed Teenagers mental health wellbeing mentoring project. Tosh would like to thank everyone who supported him to make this possible 💙💚 Skiddaw completed, Crosby to Southport costal walk completed, Sunday 13th June Helvellyn mountain completed.

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